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The Power Of M1T

It’s time to know what’s with M1T. It’s an oral steroid that’s methylated and was researched around the 50’s. Its primary use was for medicine purposes however, it was never introduced as a prescription drug.  You may wonder what M1T stands for. Well, it’s just a short term for 17-alpha-methyl-1-dehydroandronstanolone. Also, it may be presented under the name 17-alpha-methyldihydroboldenone.  Not until 2005, M1T was sold through over the counter process. It was then banned and considered as an illegal anabolic steroid.

Usually, M1T is more anabolic than androgenic but it does not mean it doesn’t have the properties of the latter. That’s the reason why it may result to certain side effects like acne, hair loss and heightened blood pressure and cholesterol increase. M1T can’t be converted to estrogen however, it can have a moderate progestational activity which means that certain side effects like gynecomastia and bloating can happen.  This is the reason why, it can’t be used along with another steroid that converts to estrogen not unless anti-estrogen is used.

Also, M1T is an inhibitor of enzyme 11-beta hydroxylase just like popular methylated steroids like Superdrol.  This is significant because it can cause water loading effect which makes the muscles swell. Muscles will appear to have grown because of water retention. Some people might find it satisfactory because of the instant effect but users should realize that this is only temporary. It will disappear once the cycle has ended.

Other side effects that should be noted with M1T is its slow effect on the cycle as well as stress on the liver because of methylated properties.  Adding more androgenic steroids will lead to the balance of the effects and can solve these issues. M1T is usually being given at around 5-10mg per day for around 6-8 weeks. However, there are users that go as high as 20 mg per day and longer than 8 weeks.  However, this is not recommended because of its bad effect to the person’s liver. If you are taking 20 mg of M1T, it is better that you monitor your liver enzymes to make sure everything’s alright.

M1T is a very effective mass builder but it can have a lot of side effects. Therefore, you should watch out for certain signs like acne, hair loss, liver problems, gynecomastia and more. To counter-balance this, you should try stacking it with androgenic steroid. It’s also recommended that you use anti-estrogen medications.

Even though it’s very much effective, it was banned in the year 2005 which made its availability very much limited. It may not also be good for just about anybody because of the side effects which were mentioned earlier. Try to find more options as there are a lot of products which have the same effects but are legal in nature.

Online sources are very much rampant. The good thing is that these products are available. You just have to look for the right and approved sources. You can grow you muscles and become more athletic if you want to but with the help of these supplements, you can have more. Be careful though as the side effects can’t always be that good.