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buy cheap steroids

In order to safely buy cheap steroids you must be very wary of who you deal with and the product you are getting. There are some legitimate bargains out there but be aware that the old adage "you get what you pay for" is doubly true when you're trying to buy cheap steroids.

When you buy cheap steroids you may be disappointed--or worse, you may suffer lasting damage to your health. Many cheap steroids are knock-offs. In fact, as many as 90% of the sites offering cheap steroids are actually dealing in fake products. They are manufactured and packaged to look as much like the real thing as possible but there are ways you can tell if your cheap steroids are real or fake.

First, check the website. If it is a legitimate site they will list ways to contact them and will respond to questions posed in an email or phone call. Look up the site on a search engine and see what people are saying about it using terms such as "is a scam" or " complaints". Or, ask for a free sample so that you can example the product yourself.

Counterfeit steroids are big business now, especially since they are banned in many countries. Check the expiration dates since counterfeiters save money by stamping the dates on the boxes as they are made instead of individually. The top/stopper will turn or come off with minimal pressure if the product is fake. Profession grade machines will seal the product tightly.

The packaging is a great clue as to the authenticity of a product. Real steroid come either in plastic blister packs for tablets or glass ampules meant for a single use. Counterfeiters save money by packaging loose pills in bottles and injectible steroids in multi-dose bottles.

Finally, look up photos of what you ordered. Counterfeits may appear slightly or greatly different from what you're getting. It could have a subtle difference in color, in labeling, or in the way it is packaged.

The only way to get real steroids is with a prescription or from a company that you can verify gets its products from a pharmacy or pharmaceutical manufacturer. You should do your homework before you buy cheap steroids. You can find some great prices on quality steroids if you shop carefully and verify what you're getting with research and close attention. Remember, your health is your most precious possession in life so take precautions before you buy cheap steroids.