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How to Use Steroid Cycles

Successful use of steroids requires careful preparation to ensure the right type of steroid is being taken, at the right dose, and for the right length of time, so before you buy Testosterone Undecanoate or buy Primobolan, you should plan your cycle. A cycle is the term or the period during which the steroid is taken. Multiple steroids can be combined in a cycle. This is known as stacking.

A simple 12-week cycle followed by 12 weeks of recovery is a good option for your first try. You should begin with a pure testosterone steroid to find out how your body reacts to the compound that is the basis of most steroids, but avoid concentrated forms like Test 400. You might then try stronger compounds, or buy Primobolan or other types of steroids to learn which ones suit your body. It is best to start with milder, slower acting steroids, so you might want to buy Anavar or buy Testosterone Undecanoate to use in your basic 12 week cycle, before going on to try different types of cycles.

Once you have some experience with steroids, the diamond cycle, which gradually increases and then decreases your dosages over the course of the cycle, is a good option, particularly if you want to try a compound like Test 400 that can be taken at a wide range of doses. Once you have more experience taking high doses, you may want to consider the inverted pyramid cycle, which starts with the highest dosage and gradually decreases it, but it is probably best to buy Anavar or another relatively mild steroid if you want to attempt this for the first time.

Other types of cycles can help you to experiment with stacking different compounds. You may find that if you buy Primobolan when you buy Testosterone Undecanoate or Test 400, for example, it can help to reduce the estrogenic side effects when stacked. You could try this in a double mini cycle, stacking two or three compounds for two periods of six weeks, with a two week recovery period in between, and two months to recover at the end. Alternatively, in a three-week blitz cycle, you take each steroid for three weeks, moving up to larger doses and stronger compounds as the cycle progresses, with a week of overlap between each change, and a recovery period of at least two weeks.