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bodybuilding steroids uk

When it comes to bodybuilding steroids UK law can be a bit confusing. Regulations have changed over the years but these substances remain a Class C drug, the lowest classification on the Misuse of Drugs Act's list of offending substances. The good news is that steroid users are not prosecuted under normal circumstances.

What are Steroids?

Bodybuilding steroids UK and elsewhere are synthetic testosterone. They are different from the corticosteroids that are used in medical applications although there has been some promising research that shows bodybuilding steroids may benefit patients with wasting diseases. Since steroids raise testosterone levels they should be used strictly according to instructions and dosage recommendations.

How Widespread is Steroid Use?

The closest estimate of how many people in the UK use steroids to build muscle and train harder is around 50,000. The number may be significantly higher, however, because even with an anonymous survey most people are cautious about admitting steroid use.

What is the Legal Status of Bodybuilding Steroids UK?

Laws and regulations have changed over the years concerning bodybuilding steroids UK usage and sales. In 1971 the MDA (Misuse of Drugs Act) listed steroids as Class C, the lowest ratings with the fewest penalties. In 2001 bodybuilders were afforded an exemption in schedule 4, part 2 of the regulations. This allowed people to import them for personal use but prohibited individuals to sell them or give them away.

Today the MDA allows consumers to buy, possess, and use steroids but prohibits individuals to sell them or even give them to family or friends. You can also buy them from a pharmacy with a prescription and buy them online. However, due to so many contaminated steroidal products with inferior ingredients that have come to light the MDA is working to ban the import of steroids from foreign websites. Until they succeed, you can buy bodybuilding steroids UK locally or from any website that offers them.

Are Steroids Dangerous?

Anything is dangerous if it is misused and every body reacts differently. If you intend to use bodybuilding steroids UK trainers and other professionals suggest you make sure you are healthy first by getting a checkup by your physician. Users typically run into trouble when they overdose, do not eat properly, or take the wrong type of steroids for the goals they're trying to achieve.

It's highly advisable to study the different types of steroids available along with their side effects and contraindications. For example, if you are a male under the age of 20, your bones have not stopped growing and you should not take steroids. Steroids are advised against if you have a weak or damaged liver, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or some other medical conditions.

If used wisely and at the proper dose you can more easily achieve your fitness goals using quality bodybuilding steroids UK.