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body building steroids

Nearly everyone who has been to a gym to work out has heard about body building steroids. There are many myths and misinformation about body building steroids but if you're considering taking steroids it will help to know the facts.

Body building steroids are, essentially, synthetic testosterone. They increase your size and strength through increasing testosterone levels, decreasing estrogen levels, or both. It is very important to choose the right kind of steroid for your activity; steroids taken to build up healthy muscle are quite different from those used by athletes that cycle, run, or specialize in other endurance sports.

What Steroids Do

Body building steroids provide more energy and aggressiveness by raising testosterone levels. This is great for workouts and can give you the motivation you need to push yourself that extra mile on the bench or on the road. Some steroids impart a volumizing effect that gives you a bigger pump as you lift. When you taper off and end a cycle you might notice these effects diminishing--you don't get good pumps like you used to and you may feel a bit blue. That's because your body is adjusting to less testosterone; once it does, these symptoms will pass. It's important that you not start a cycle again right away to combat these after effects. Pay attention to your post-cycle routine and these symptoms will usually diminish.

How Do I Take Body Building Steroids?

Steroids are taken in cycles depending on the kind and type of steroid one is using. A cycle usually lasts six to twelve weeks. Some athletes practice "stacking", which means they take more than one steroid in a cycle. Some cycles popular with body builders are the mini-cycle, diamond cycle, double-mini cycle, the three week blitz, and the inverted pyramid cycle.

It is important to choose your body building steroids carefully, know the side effects, eat a balanced diet and get adequate sleep in order to stay healthy and get the most benefit from your cycle and your routine.

What Steroids Don't Do

Body building steroids are NOT a quick fix. You cannot take a few injections or oral doses and bulk up in a few days. You have to train hard, eat properly, and get enough sleep in order for steroids to help you reach your goals.

Steroids don't turn you into a raging monster unless you already have a very high rate of aggression. Laboratory studies on rats show that steroids do increase aggression but only enhance the level that is already present. Humans have the ability to control their aggression. The steroid users you see or hear about that experience "roid rage" are usually mishandling their dosage or have not developed normal self control.

A Little is Good--More is NOT Better

It is critically important to adhere strictly to dosage instructions--more is not better when it comes to steroids because you're changing how much testosterone is in your body. Taking a higher dosage than recommended could mean that you disrupt your testosterone levels to such a point that you'll need an endocrinologist to get it back to a healthy normal. Overdosing can affect your liver, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels as well as your heart health.

You can get a lot of benefits from steroids if you use them intelligently and make sure you are getting a quality product. You can achieve your fitness goals safely and have a healthy body by using body building steroids sensibly.