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Making the Most of Steroid Cycles

Steroid cycles can be effective aids for helping to build muscle, but they should not be used in isolation. The effects if you buy Anavar or buy Primobolan will be enhanced if you combine them with the right diet, supplements and training regimen.


You should ensure that your body is fully grown and prepared before you buy Testosterone Undecanoate, Test 400 or any other steroid compound. You should be in good health, with fitness built up through several years of steady training, and ready to commit to more long term training.


Steroids cannot build muscle on their own. You can't just buy them when you buy Anavar or Test 400. You also need to provide your body with the fuel it needs to grow. You should eat five or six regular meals throughout the day to ensure a continuous supply of energy, boost your caloric intake up to around 5000 calories a day, and consume plenty of complex carbohydrates and protein.


When you buy Anavar, buy Primobolan or any other steroids, you should also consider buying supplements to help boost their effects. Multivitamins, taken alongside other nutritional supplements such as whey protein can help keep you healthy during a cycle, while extra calcium and glucosamine can help protect bones and joints. You may also want to think about taking supplements to reduce the estrogenic and other side effects if you buy Testosterone Undecanoate, Test 400 or similar compounds. Other supplements, including Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), can be taken for bridging between cycles to maintain gains, or to help return hormone function, including testosterone production, to normal, but they must be used carefully.


Effective training is essential for a successful cycle. It can also help prevent side effects like bloating and fat gain. High intensity weight training will be most important for muscle gain during steroid cycles. You should work up to an effective regimen before you buy Testosterone Undecanoate or buy Primobolan. Your workout plan should include weight training for each muscle group once a week, consisting of up to eight sets of ten reps each, and resting on alternate days to allow the muscles time to grow and recover. You also need to include three to four hours of aerobic exercise a week to keep up your cardiovascular health and ensure that you can make the most of your new muscle.